Club Facts and History

The Club was founded in 1968 with trails between Menahga and Huntersville. The trails were groomed with an Alpine Ski-doo (twin track) pulling a coil bed spring.

We now have 204 miles of groomed trails.

We have 2 corridor trails.

Corridor Trail 67 coming from Little Falls and going thru Nevis

Corridor Trail 69 coming from Alexandria and going thru Park Rapids.

From the Wadena County Snowmobile Trails, all snowmobile riders can go –

West to Perham and Wolf Lake

North to Park Rapids and Nevis

East to Brainerd

South to Alexandria and Little Falls

The trails take you across private land and two (2) State Forest area trails.

We ask that you support the sponsors on our trail map.

We ask that all riders ride on the trail, as we do have many miles on private Land.